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The Nepal Rastra Bank(NRB),established in 2013 BS (1956 AD) under the NRB act 2012, is the central bank of Nepal. From its inception, it has relied on manual processing for its operation till 2029 BS 1972 AD. Computer was first introduced in this organization in 2030 BS(1973 AD) for Family Budget Survey. NRB later established Computer Section Under Research Department in 2042 BS (1995 AD) and upgraded to Computer Division under Personnel Administration Department(current HRMD) in 2049 BS (1992 AD) and finally formed independent Information Technology Department (ITD) in 2056 BS(1999 AD).

Over the years, IT Department has been involving in the following IT related activities:

  1. Design,Develop,implement and maintain IT infrastructure of NRB.
  2. Provide information through various mechanism including its website.
  3. Acquire,maintain,manage and disseminate data to/from NRB’s information system.
  4. Software development and management
  5. Hardware and Network maintenance.
  6. Development and maintenance of NRB’s website,intranet,E-mail and internet services.
  7. IT knowledge transfer and capacity building.
  8. Acquire IT equipment and services.
  9. Regulate,inspect and supervise IT infrastructure of bank and financial institutions.

A successful organization require up to date IT policy, IT code of conduct, IT guidelines, adequate IT awareness, efficient, effective and economics use of IT system, quality software, adequate physical infrastructure, efficient inter-office and backup connectivity, adequate power, backup mechanism, disaster recovery system, business continuity plan, appropriate IT human resource plan and adequate capacity building. NRB has come a long way for the development IT infrastructure in these years. But still lot has to be done for he implementation of modern and state of art IT infrastructure in NRB.

Vision,Mission and Goal of NRB for IT


To create robust, resilient, secured and credible IT environment in Nepalese Banking and Financial System, particularly in Nepal Rastra Bank.


To have online, automated, real-time, secured, paperless, modern IT infrastructure to support in achieving goals and objectives of NRB.


  1. The goals are as follows:
  2. Provide integrated, single sign-on IT system in banking and financial system.
  3. Implement efficient and secured payment system.
  4. Establish online data collection and dissemination system.
  5. Maintain information confidentiality and integrity honouring people’s right to information.

Objectives of IT Policy:

The major  objectives of IT policy are:

  1. To ensure secure, stable and standard IT infrastructure.
  2. To ensure availability,integrity and confidentiality of information.
  3. To enhance user awareness for efficient, effective and economic use of IT system.
  4. To minimize Information Technology related risks.
  5. To facilitate efficient operation of information system in financial sector.

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