IT Policy and Guidelines Issued by Nepal Rastra Bank

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This policy is guided by national IT policy and will cover the overall management of IT related activities in NRB, including but not limited to standards of IT equipments and services, procurement of IT equipment’s and services, usage of IT infrastructure, code of conduct and penalizing for violation of this policy. The implementation of this policy will be guided by “NRB IT Code of Conduct” and “NRB IT Guidelines”.

It will come into effect immediately after it gets approval from the Board of Directors of NRB. To achieve the objective of the organization and meet its vision, mission and goal, NRB will adopt the following policies regarding IT products and services:

  1. Ensure efficient, effective and economics IT operation by implementing appropriate IT systems, e.g., Financial Information System (FIS), Management Information System (MIS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System, Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS), Scripless Securities Settlement System (SSSS) etc.
  2. Maintain well structured, secured physical layout of its IT infrastructure with proper documentation.
  3. Maintain multilevel security for Information.
  4. Implement IT system audit.
  5. Develop, implement and maintain data backup and recovery policy.
  6. Establish and maintain efficient, effective and economic Disaster Recovery (DR) System as an instrument to “Fail Safe System” with minimum down time. Also, develop and maintain Business Continuity Plan (BCP).
  7. Develop and implementation IT Outsourcing and Third Party involvement mechanism.
  8. Maintain uniform and legitimate IT infrastructure in all its offices.
  9. Provide IT directives to licensed Banks and Financial Institutions.
  10. Set a standard for IT procurement and shall be reviewed based on technological development.
  11. Promulgate “NRB IT Code of Conduct” for proper usage of NRB IT resources.
  12. Strengthen IT capacity building of employees.

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