Swornim Boutique Hotel: The Journey

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Every business today, has its own story and struggles. Those who surpassed the struggles are known by their name and the success they have achieved today.


One of such business is the beautiful Swornim Boutique Hotel. In 2016, Swornim Boutique Hotel started its first step in the field of the hotel industry. Despite the rapidly developing challenging market, Mr. Naresh Lal Shrestha, the owner, established his business with his own unique ways. Located in the center of the capital, Tangal, Swornim Boutique Hotel is well known as Newari fussing themed boutique hotel offering the best in modern amenities with traditional Nepalese hospitality. The hotel has been designed keeping in mind of Newari heritage and culture. Decor items have been sourced locally to support and highlight the craftsmanship of local artisans. Hand-embroidered furnishings, paintings and custom accessories offer a great visual and play a key role in attracting the guests.

With over 25 employees, the hotel has been able to sustain itself and is expanding further in the same location which is estimated to be completed in about 2 years. The hotel provides beautiful decorated rooms with antique items and various services to their guest.


However, the traffic jam and the surrounding noise has often been a complaint to the hotel by their guests. Mr. Kiran Aryal, the manager of the hotel, shows his bitterness towards the Nepal Government for not taking serious actions against these issues.

We wish the best to Swornim Boutique Hotel for their coming years ahead.