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How to Attract Guest to Increase Hotel Bookings in Nepal?

How to Attract Guest to Increase Hotel Bookings in Nepal?

To increase direct bookings, you need the edge. You need something that delivers the unexpected and delights the digitally inclined guest.

When travelers search for a hotel, they’re looking for more than the location, price and features of your property. This is of course important basic information, but what sets you apart is how you use technology to shape the guest experience from the very beginning.

How you present yourself online matters. It helps guests form an opinion of your hotel and influences their decision making.

Guests want immersive information before they book. They want to feel well informed before taking the plunge, so hotels need to think of new ways to present themselves.

And what better way to transport your guest straight to your hotel than with panoramic views of your rooms and spaces.

360 imaging allows guests to see your hotel from all angles, as if they’re standing there with you. It’s the perfect way to step up your game and invite guests into your world.

If you’re still not convinced to go 360, consider these stats.

Why go 360?

According to Google, browsers are 130% more likely to make a booking based on a virtual tour.

As 360 photos are far more immersive and engaging than a flat image, guests are more likely to stay on your website for longer.

For your website’s SEO, the longer visitors stay the better your search ranking. This is because Google rewards sites when you offer relevant and valuable information to its users.

A study by Best Western found, hotel bookings increased over 45% when they used interior and exterior virtual tours.

When you make your content more interactive, visitors are engaged for longer. This presents more opportunities for guests to explore your site, and for you to convert browsers into bookings.

With panoramic photos being a relatively new advancement, businesses have been slow to use it.

This puts you at an obvious advantage.

For hotels the benefits are amplified as guests want to visualize where they’ll be staying. By adopting 360 you create the first-person experience for guests, you showcase your unique features, and separate yourself from the competition.

Blow guest’s minds and increase booking with 360° “