Basic Concept of Database Management System (DBMS)

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A DBMS is a program, or collection of programs that allows any number of users to access data, modify it(if necessary) and construct simple and complex requests to obtain and work with selected records. The biggest asset of the DBMS is its ability to provide extremely quick access and retrieval from large databases.

Kodeonix Database

A DBMS, especially when it is running on powerful hardware, can find any speck of data in an enormous database in minutes – sometimes even seconds or fractions of a second. The data management tasks in a DBMS fall into one of the following three general categories.


  1. Entering data into the database.
  2. Reordering records in the database.
  3. Obtaining subsets of the data.

DBMS also provide the means for multiple for multiple users to access and share data in the same database by way of networked computer systems.


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