Banking Concept and Development

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Banking Concept and Development

The bank has the words of the Italian language that can be developed in Banco. Where is the meaning of the bank, where the ancient times Sarfi and Gold Smith used to sell money for Rakhee sugarcane and transactions. Tisaille Pehkhayer Rupaiya Pacha Boro Bari Thowlaai Bank Bhan Thaliyo

To deposit money, start a loan, get check cash, cash transfers and financial institutional credit to the creditors. Banks should be involved in organizing various organizations and organizations for the purpose of saving the money. Deposit Receipts Compiled Income Banking Fixed Percentage Interest Available Gray Loans Loan Interest Rates

According to G.Crowther “A bank is an institution which collects money from those who have it spare or who is saving it out of their income and lends this out to those who need.” The bank should be an institution of interest to increase the amount of money collected by the consumers and to increase the income source.

To Be Continued: Related to the bank and financial institutions 2073 Dafa(1), took place as a bank in the following year