What type of Corporation is Called Bank? Part I

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Related to the bank and financial institutions 2073 Dafa(1), took place as a bank in the following year

  • Accepting interest or non-interest deposits or depositing deposits through different financial instruments,
  • Acceptance of capital equipment or tools by means of funds, payment of wages, transfer of transactions, arbitration proceedings,
  • Higher Purchase, Leasing, Housing, Taxpayers,
  • Under the project and hypothecation, it will be possible to arrange for a suitable loan as per the agreement,
  • To pay a security loan to foreign banks or financial institutions,
  • Where the first person has to pay a minimum amount of money for a fixed amount of movable assets, or other bank financial institution, the real estate sector will be able to repay the loan amount,
  • To make sure that your customer is ready to accept bail bonds, he or she will be required to pay a security deposit, private or non-permanent person or other person, for the security of the security, to acquire and hold other assets,
  • According to the requirement, the National Bank of Japan will be restructured or other bank or financial institution, on the day of loan,
  • For the purpose of the project, the Government of Nepal or other indigenous or foreign entities may receive loans or loan management,
  • Writing a loan under the existing loan evasion regulation,
  • Issue of shares, debentures, debentures etc. for the purpose of funding,
  • Remittance, acceptance, payment of leave, leave or buy a bribe, copy, passport, check, draft or other financial instruments,

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