What type of Corporation is Called Bank? Part II

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Related to the bank and financial institutions 2073 Dafa(1), took place as a bank in the following year

  • To issue, accept, manage, and assign agent related to digital equipment including digital or card for commercial business,
  • Foreign regulations being traded under the law of the prevailing law,
  • To make government business according to the rules, conditions or directors set by the National Bank,

  • Buying or selling borrowers issued by the Government of Nepal or the National Bank,
  • Regarding sending or running money in Nepal or abroad by the form of registration, check or other financial instruments, remittances from abroad and payment of money,
  • To subscribe to the client with regard to the shares, debitures or safeguards, purchase, sell, dividend or interest of security, raise interest, and send solo dividends, profits or interest to Nepal or abroad, arrangement of safe deposit for the customer,
  • Virtual business,
  • In the personal or collective arbitrator for the financial uplift of residents of poor areas, low-income families, drought and victims of any area of ​​the country,
  • To take loan from yourself and other banks or financial institutions or to take any kind of privileges, to exchange information, information or information between the National Bank, the concerned body or the other bank or the financial institution,Gold, Selling for sale,
  • Providing studies, research, surveying and training, consulting and other information related to project installation, operation and assessment,
  • Properties and sales of all types of properties that are owned by this N and the prevailing law,
  • As per the prevailing law, the amount to be paid for any work done between two or more people is to be arranged in the agreement of two parties to pay the payment for the payment after the work,
  • Other works by the National Bank